Ellson Graywell

Ellson Graywell began with a simple idea; record one song a week for a year. A simple idea, not an 'easy' one.


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Ellson Graywell

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The Trouble You Cause When You Clean Out Your Drawers

Experimental / Release date: 2012

I bought a Minitaur. I love it. I bought a Korg KPR77. I love it distorted. I have 2 Kaoss Pads. V1 and V2. They are lovely on taped voices. Even voices taped from inside a cab 15 years ago.

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Location: Toronto


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First post

I've been stewing on the idea of writing a first post for a couple weeks now. But I've been unsure what to write. Hello. I'm Dwayne. How's that? I like butterflies and candy. No I don't. Well, I don't mind butterflies...but I don't go around drawing pictures of them or making paper cutouts of them and putting glitter on the cutouts and pinning them to my clothes...often. But seriously, I don't have a sweet tooth at all. Anyway...I make music. Sometimes it's very well organized and melodic and sometimes...not so much. One day I'll be working on a guitar-based rock bit with lyrics and vocals and the next day I'll be working on an instrumental piece for 27 instruments. It all depends on what I feel like doing on that day. So there it is, 'the first post.' Drop a line, say hello. I will respond...eventually. I promise. Dwayne

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